James Deyell

James Deyell was born about 1796 in Drum, County Monaghan, Ireland, and died July 1, 1863, in Millbrook, Canada West, at age 67. He is the son of Unknown Deyell and Unknown.

Ann Unknown was born about 1802 in Unknown, and died December, 1859, in Millbrook, Canada West, at age 57. She is the daughter of Unknown.

James Deyell and Unknown Unknown were married Unknown.

James Deyell and Unknown (Unknown) Deyell had at least two children:

  1. James Deyell: Born about 1796 in Ireland; Died July 1, 1863, in Canada West (age 67) Married Unknown to Ann Unknown: Born about 1802 in Unknown; Died December, 1859, in Canada West (age 57).
  2. John Deyell: Born about 1802 in Ireland; Died Unknown. Married Unknown to Mary Unknown: Born Unknown; Died Unknown.

Thomas Harding and Margaret Rosena (Lancashire) Deyell had two children:

  1. Thomas Deyell: Born 1827 in Cavan Twp., Durham Co., Upper Canada; Died April 2, 1896, in Centreville, Durham Co., Ontario, Canada (about age 69). Married Unknown to Anna Nora Mahoney: Born 1851 in Ireland; Died October 16, 1880, in Cavan Twp., Durham Co., Ontario, Canada (about age 29).
  2. Mary Jane Deyell: Born 1834 in Upper Canada; Died March 27, 1872, in Ontario, Canada (about age 38). Married July 13, 1858, in Northumberland and Durham Co., Canada West, to Robert Lancashire: Born 1834 in Ireland; Died April 6, 1891, Durham Co., Ontario, Canada (about age 57).

Thomas Deyell was raised by his uncle, James Deyell, and Mary Jane Deyell was raised by her natural mother, John Deyell and John's wife, Margaret Rosena (Lancashire) Deyell.


Ontario was known as: "Upper Canada" from December 26, 1791, to February 10, 1841; "Canada West" from February 10, 1841, to July 1, 1867; and "Ontario" after July 1, 1867.

The Deyell monument remains but it is thought the bodies were removed to another nearby cemetery. The inscription on the monument is as follows:



wife of


Died Dec. 1859;





July 1, 1863;


West of the Old School, in Millbrook, Township of Cavan Monaghan, Peterborough Co., Ontario, Canada, is located a beautiful monument to James and Ann Deyell. It is easily overlooked and many residents may never have noticed it. This monument seems to be the last remnant of a graveyard, as the cemetery is abandoned. South of this area was a church - the New Connexion/Wesleyan Methodist Church. The foundations of this church are barely visible in a wooded area. James and Ann Deyell are the only two burials supposed to remain here.

Do you have photos of the Deyell monument with other grave markers/stones near it?

Do you recall grave markers/stones being removed? When? Where did they go?

Do you know anything about remains being exhumed?

Do you know if the Deyell monument is in its original location?

Do you have stories or photos of the New Connexion/Wesleyan Methodist Church on this site?

SMITH Andrew A. was received on trial in 1850 and was ordained in 1853, 1849 Millbrook, 1850 Norwood (Peterborough Co.), 1851 Bradford, 1852 Binbrook/Glandford, 1853 Kincardine, 1854-1855 Berlin/Blenheim (Waterloo Co.), 1856-1857 Mitchell, 1858-1859 Aylmer C.W., 1860-1862 Vienna, 1863-1865 Sarnia,1866-1868 Brighton, 1869-1871 Newmarket, 1872 Selby, 1873-1875 Newburg, 1876-1878 Cataraqui, 1879-1880 Matilda

BLACKSTOCK, Moses New Connexion, 1835 Lower District, 1836 Peterborough, 1837-1839 Cobourg, 1840 Peterborough, 1840 withdrew and united with the Wesleyan Methodist Conference. 1842 Scugog, 1843-1846 Peterborough, 1847-1850 Cavan, 1851-1857 Millbrook (retired), 1858 Ohio Conference USA, He was Chairman of a District in 1835 and President of the Conference 1837-1838

Rev. Francis E. Nugent was born on November 21, 1842 at Tyrone, Durham County, Ontario, was received on trial in 1867 and was ordained in 1871 in Owen Sound, New Connexion.


1867 Millbrook, 1868 Erin (Wellington Cty), 1869-1871 Waterford, 1871 Milford, 1874 Goderich, 1876 Harmony, 1878 Bayham, 1880 Hespler/Ellis Church Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Cty.), 1883 Berlin (Waterloo Cty), 1886 Lucknow, 1888 Listowel, 1891 Mitchell,

December 7, 2012

Dear Mr. Larson:

Deyell Oral History, The Dark Side of John Deyell

I am David Ellsworth, son of Samuel Ellsworth, son of Samuel, son of Samuel, son of John Deyell. The following information was passed by word of mouth down the generations as to the origin of the conflict between the descendants of James Deyell (the miller) and John Deyell. I have no way of confirming its veracity. However, if true, it would be sad if this bit of history were lost: I therefore write it down to you.

John Deyell hired Thomas Harding in the early years as farm hand. He had a love affair with Margaret, much to John's disapproval. The issue of this relationship were two children: Thomas adopted by James Deyell and Mary Jane raised as Margaret Rosena's child ( Margaret's younger sister). Margaret herself was at one point disowned by John and for a time resided with James' family. Thomas Harding fled to New York State. But further details escape my memory.

Check Margaret's and Margaret Rosena's ages the year Mary Jane was born. My researches indicate it highly unlikely that Mary Jane was Margaret Rosena's child.

What follows is only my opinion:

John was regarded as a hard man by James, and I think rightly so. Although James received 50% of the mill profits, he was shut out of the land grant to John of 200 acres given to compensate for mill construction. So, tragically, a kind of feud began between the two families: James' descendants feeling dispossessed while carrying the family burdens and John's descendants, while regarding James' lineage as 'impure,' enjoying title to large properties.

It would indeed be ironic should we later discover that the Huguenot link is actually through Jane Dodd and not a Deyell at all! For this would taint our line with one of the greatest forgeries of all time. And that very line of Dalzell sprung from the loins of slavers fornicating their slaves. (Benson Dalzell and Susannah Augier (unmarried mulatto heiress) were parents of Robert Dalzell who married Jane Dodd, heiress to the St. Leger fortune.) Indeed, it is also possible that John was descended from Jacobite (1715) roots who used the Huguenot story as a cover to emigrate to Ireland, where they had kin, after the Pretender was thrown out of France.

After 1688 the Dalzell name was despised in Scotland for the atrocities committed both by Robert, Earl of Carnwath and Thomas Dalyell of the Binns in support of the Episcopal Clergy of Charles II against the Presbyterians. Both families had property in Ireland. After unification of Scotland and England Presbyterianism was firmly established. Many Dalzells changed their names rather than deal with the scorn. Some used the name King. Others moved to Ireland.

I trust that after five generations, we, as descendants, can put past animosities behind us and leave the prejudices of our ancestors buried with them while endeavouring to determine the facts of our heritage. In that spirit, sir, I salute you for your documenting our family line.

Sincerely yours,

David Deyell.