Roland Gilbert Blake

Roland Gilbert "Ron" Blake Jr. was born 1951 in Connecticut. He is the son of Roland Gilbert Blake (b) of Jamaica, Long Island, Queens Co., NY and Astrid Margret Anderson of Stamford, Stamford Twp., Fairfield Co., CT.

Maury Lynn Peckham was born Unknown. She is the daughter of Unknown.

Roland Gilbert "Ron" Blake Jr. and Maury Lynn Peckham were married March 8, 1975, in Orange Co., FL.

Roland Gilbert "Ron" Blake Jr. and  Maury Lynn (Peckham) Blake had two children:

  1. Roland Gilbert Blake III: Born Unknown; Living.
  2. Daniel Eastman Blake: Born Unknown; Living.


Seyford Lowell Betz was born July 8, 1906, in Ohio.

Roland Gilbert Blake (b) was born  January 17, 1920, in Jamaica, Long Island, Queens Co., NY.

Astrid Margret Anderson was born October 24, 1920, in Unknown.

An announcement of the marriage of Captain Roland G. Blake to Miss Edna Mildred Stansbury, December 12, at Jamaica, N. Y., was received by the groom's aunt, Mrs. Mary Ridenour. Mr. Blake was a former Martinsburg boy. He is now attached to the air service aeronautics, U. S. A.

The 1920 U. S. Census taken on January 12, 1920, shows John A. Markley (age 41) born in Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania-born parents is a Steam Railway Locomotive Inspector owning his own home free of a mortgage and living at 1501 Berryhill Street, 2nd Ward, City of Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA. Living with him is his wife, Edith Markley (age 36) born in Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania-born parents. Also living there are: his widowed mother-in-law, Mary Blake (age 67) born in Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania-born parents; and his unmarried step daughter, Catherine Pellow (age 15) born in Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania-born parents.

The New York Times, Thursday, March 16, 1922

Two Army Aviators Sideslip 125 Feet To Earth at Mitchel Field; One May Die

Retiree Army Aviator Dies Was Injured Eight Years Ago.

Sergeant Eugene Reviere and Technical Sergeant Roland Blake were seriously injured late yesterday afternoon at Mitchel Field, near Garden City, L. I., when an airplane in which they were flying at a height of 125 feet side slipped and crashed to the ground, burying both beneath the wreckage. A stalled engine was said to have been the cause of the mishap. Blake suffered two broken legs, facial and internal injuries. It was said he might not recover. Reviere broke his right leg and nose. He was also cut about the face and body. The two men were taken to the Government hospital at Fort Trotten as Mitchel Field has only an emergency medical station. The plane was piloted by Sergeant Blake, who holds the Mitchel Field record for parachute jumping. Last year he descended 12,000 feet by parachute at a flying circus. When at a height of 125 feet the airplane appeared to become unmanageable to those who were watching the flight. The machine was seen to falter. Then the sound of the motor ceased and the airplane went into a side slip to earth. Officers and enlisted men ran to the spot and worked hard for ten minutes extricating the wounded men from the debris. An ambulance was summoned from headquarters and the two injured fliers were started on their way to the hospital after receiving first aid treatment. Blake is 46 years old and Reviere 22. Blake has been in the army for thirty-one years.

Mary Alice (Fluke) Blake died May 9, 1929, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John A. Markley, 1400 North Second street, Harrisburg, PA, at age 76.

The 1940 U. S. Census taken on April 6, 1940, shows Edna Blake (age 50) born in New York State, and 5 years ago was living in the Same Place, and with 5 years of College, is a widowed Public School Teacher who owns her home worth $6,500 and is living at 84-59 16th Street, Borough of Queens, Queens County, NY. Living with her are: her unmarried son, Roland Blake (age 20) born in New York State, and 5 years ago was living in the Same Place, and with 3 years of College; and her married mother, Emily Stransbury (age 77) born in New York State, and 5 years ago was living in the Same Place, and with 8 years of School.